Water and wastewater engineering

Water and Wastewater Engineering covers drinking water production, wastewater treatment and the piped networks needed for water supply and sewer collection. Providing water services is critical for the society, and they need to be functional every day in all the circumstances.


Water and Wastewater Engineering research focuses on improving the performance of drinking water and wastewater treatment processes in terms of resource recovery, automation and control, as well as the removal efficiency of conventional and emerging pollutants. The research also focuses on the optimal management of drinking water distribution and sewer collection systems using existing operational and geospatial information. The research is supported by the analytical water laboratory, and a variety of on-site measurement and treatment devices.
The results of the Water and Wastewater Engineering research support the water utilities by improving cost-efficiency, by reducing environmental load and by producing safer drinking water. The solutions often has business potential for the companies involved.

Research themes in water and wastewater engineering

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